2009 Ruby Blend

          This fusion of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zinfandel are exquisite.  With a medium body and rich bouquet of pepper, blackberries, and cherries.

  • $20.00 a Bottle
  • $17.00 WC Members

2010 Merlot: Private Reserve

          With its deep, dark ruby color it boasts hints of raspberries, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Limited availability..    

  • $30.00 a Bottle
  • $27.00 WC Members

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

          The Cabernet thrives in this climate with intensity.  The flavors noted in this wine are berries, hazelnut, and oak.

  • $24.00 a Bottle
  • $20.00 WC Members

2010 Syrah

          This Syrah displays the ripe, juicy blueberries. It boasts smoky tones with a hint of spice.  Its scent gives off a coffee and chocolate hint.

  • $22.00 a Bottle
  • $18.00 WC Members

2011 Gina Mia~ White Wine Blend

          This medium-bodied wine is nicely balanced in acidity with a full spectrum of bright tropical flavors.  The flavors emerge on the palate leading to along lingering, citrus-laced finish.

  • $18.00 a Bottle
  • $15.00 WC Members

2013 Zulma's Moscato: Private Reserve

          This delightfully sweet Moscato has a surprising, perfume-like fragrance.  It is a light-bodied, lower alcohol content with a fruit-forward palate of apple, pear, orange, and bit of lime that ends with a crisp finish.

  • $30.00 a Bottle
  • $27.00 WC Members

2014 Late Harvest Chardonnay: Private Reserve

          This is our 'first' late harvest Chardonnay since we began and it's a beauty!  The golden colors infused with citrus, pineapple, lush apples, sweet oranges, and vanilla with a hint of pears, is delicious to the last drop!

  • $20.00 a Bottle
  • $18.00 WC Members

2014 Malbec: Private Reserve

          The intense personality of the stock, color, aroma, and good structure of a great wine from Kingman, Arizona are emphasized with the red colors, violet hues and, aromas of ripe, red fruits.

  • $30.00 a Bottle
  • $27.00 WC Members



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